• Our Services

  • Detailing
    • chevron_rightExceptional Detailing
      We're experts in eliminating salt, droppings, bugs and other grime that, overtime, can degrade the surfaces of your yacht. We're also sticklers for detail and take the time to clean under hatches and finish the wash with a chamois dry to prevent water spots.
    • chevron_rightWindow Coatings and Enclosures
      Saltwater and sun can do a lot of damage to marine windows. We have a professional line of products to handle the specific care and warranty requirements of windows and common enclosures such as Isinglass, Strataglass and EZ2CY.
    • chevron_rightTeak Care
      We employ an arsenal of tools to seal, brighten and clean teak decks including stripping and brightening systems, Semco and teak oil. We take pride in our ability to preserve the life and natural beauty of wooden surfaces.
    • chevron_rightYacht Finishes
      We also specialize in extending the life of yacht finishes such as Gel-Coat and Awl-Grip, all of which require specific care. We're well versed in the warranty requirements of most products and will recommend the protectant best-suited to your needs.
    • chevron_rightStainless, Aluminum, and Chrome
      Your yacht will sparkle when we've completely polished and protected its metal surfaces. Our techniques will actually help reverse the harmful effects of salt water.
    • chevron_rightWhite-Glove Interior Cleaning
      No job is complete without a thorough washing of the spaces you occupy most. We take care of everything, including the head and engine room.
  • Diving
    • chevron_rightBottom Cleaning
      We thoroughly remove all growth and debris from the bottom paint to ensure your boat runs efficiently and safely. We replace anodes and for yachts that are moored we also service chains and blocks.
    • chevron_rightAnode Replacement
      We provide and install zinc, aluminum, and magnesium anodes.
  • Restoration
  • Maintenance